The term Disaster Recovery or DR has become a very popular term after events like terrorist attacks and major storms like Hurricane Katrina.  So what exactly is disaster recovery and isn’t a backup of your data sufficient?

Unfortunately there isn’t a clear answer to that question, because it all depends upon your risk level of a true disaster and how quickly your business needs to be up and running.  It is assumed that all businesses have backups of their data (or they better), but disaster recovery is more than just those backups.   DR is how your organization will function when a disaster occurs… fire, earthquake, critical server failure, terrorist attack or even a disgruntled employee situation.  So it is dealing with business continuity in the event of a disaster by developing a formalized plan that details all procedures a business will take before and after a disaster to ensure that business flow is interrupted the least.

Bandwidth Simplified has several years with developing and implementing DR plans for businesses, so please give us a call at 312-361-3800 to discuss.

Disaster Recovery – I Have Backups, so Am I Covered?

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