For the past several years, prices for dedicated voice and data circuits have dropped significantly.  It wasn’t more than five years ago that a standard T1 cost around $600/month and now prices have come down as low as $295/month!  Why are these prices dropping?  We believe that with Comcast and other lower cost options, it is necessary for the dedicated circuit providers to compete with those options.

Fiber is a dedicated connection from a service provider to your building.  With fiber, you have guaranteed speeds, SLAs for up-time and the speeds can be easily changed on the fly depending upon your needs.  So you can start out with a 5 Mbps/5 Mbps fiber connection and as your data/voice needs grow, you can increase it up to 100 Mbps/100 Mbps within a matter of hours in some cases.  Another huge benefit with fiber is that because it has a low latency, you may go with a hosted/cloud phone solution and not worry about poor call quality.

Five years ago, dedicated fiber to your business was only for the Fortune 500, because the monthly costs were in the thousands of dollars.  With today’s availability and prices, we have seen fiber prices as low as $400/month!  So even for a small office, fiber is a cost viable solution for its combined data and voice needs.

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Fiber – Yes, you can afford it!

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