Outsourcing tasks to a third-party has become a fairly common solution for small- to mid-sized businesses who need to free up internal resources and save money on projects. This is because when done correctly, outsourcing to a third-party can bring with it many benefits for your business.

From letting you focus on fundamental operations, providing flexibility to your hiring practices and giving you operational control of costs, outsourcing can be a great decision for businesses of all sizes.

However, despite the popularity of the outsourcing trend, many businesses overlook the value of the experience outsourced vendors provide for their business.

In addition to the benefits listed above, an industry specialist — like an outsourced telecom manager — is able to bring their history of vendor partnerships and technical knowledge to each new client. Their experience with carriers helps to anticipate obstacles to service set up and keep your project on track.

Sounds good, right? Let’s take a deeper look at how a third-party telecom manager can help your business.


A Simplified Process

Let’s face it, the telecommunications industry is a complicated, jargon-heavy place and to the uninitiated, it can be quite challenging to discover the best solutions for your business.

To help keep clients up-to-speed, an outsourced telecom manager translates the industry language to align with your company nomenclature and help you understand your project. Through this translation and facilitation, your advisor helps you make informed decisions about planning, purchasing and implementation.

Simultaneously, due to their industry experience and existing relationships, an outsourced telecom manager is able to negotiate better pricing and more favorable terms for your business. This insider’s advantage is a quick way to save time and money while also ensuring you’re getting the best technology or tools to help you meet your goals.

A high-performing telecom manager can also:

  • Assist with invoices and basic support questions
  • Oversee inventory management
  • Dispute bills with carriers

And much more to save you time and money. Their responsibility is to give your team the support needed to grow.


Property Management

When onboarding with a new client, the first thing an outsourced telecom manager will do is conduct a telecom audit.

Once your business telephone systems, network, hardware and software have been evaluated, your telecom manager will submit their findings to your approval to make the savings opportunities they discover into a reality with disconnects, duplicate service resolutions, contract validations and negotiations, and credit requests.

From a property management standpoint, these services run the gamut from helping clients move into new offices, choosing internet service providers and selecting equipment that will help you scale for growth. This helps you make decisions regarding your existing inventory and identify opportunities to reduce spending and increase functionality.


Daily Contact

The main benefit of hiring and outsourced telecom manager is accessibility.

Since your telecom manager is focused on providing ongoing value, they’re available to fix basic issues, make customer care calls and negotiate between carriers on your behalf. Once you’re up-and-running with a telecom manager, they’re less of a third party and more of a remote chief technology officer.

Your telecom manager will work to sustain a responsive, honest and professional relationship with you, your team and your business.


The Bandwidth Simplified Method

At Bandwidth Simplified, we’ve developed a customer-centric strategy that starts with you, your goals, your expectations and ends with nothing less than your definition of success.

We excel at providing insights and explaining telecom solutions in laymen’s terms. We recognize that no two businesses are alike, and every company has unique communications and IT needs, which is why we partner with over forty regional and nationwide vendors to develop customer solutions specific to your goals.

Bandwidth Simplified’s dedicated team will allow you to outsource telecom management functions including:

  • Singular point-of-contact
  • Inventory management
  • Training and development
  • Invoice optimization and audit
  • Disputes with carriers
  • Ordering and provisioning new services
  • Managing inventory and MACD operations


If you’ve struggled to identify opportunities for improvement, updates to your hardware or software or are moving to a new office and need to prioritize your focus to something other than finding a building with reliable fiber cabling, contact us for a free telecom assessment and we’ll help take those tasks off your plate.    


Why You Should Hire an Outsourced Telecom Manager
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