Find yourself managing a remote sales team? In theory, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Everything your team needs can be accessed from G-Suite (Google’s suite of business software), yet your team’s sales are low. This is where one of G-Suite’s most interesting integrations might be helpful: Meet Prodoscore.

A software that can be integrated into G-Suite and a number of CRM applications, Prodoscore is intended to help you maximize the output of your employees.

Let’s walk through how you can integrate Prodoscore into your business and help your employees grow to be top sales agents.

How it Works

Prodoscore analyzes data about employee behavior through Google Machine Learning. With the data, workers learn where their job performances can improve, and managers can discover their team’s strengths and weaknesses. Prodoscore is intended to provide a more accurate approach to analyzing employee productivity. According to Harpreet Bhui, Vice President, Product at Prodoscore, this is how the technology works:

“Prodoscore uses our Prediction Algorithm to bring in data from all the places you work: G-Suite, CRM, VoIP system, etc. Then we apply Google’s Machine Learning on our data set to understand patterns related to employee productivity.”

Where the typical employee review consists of manager assumptions and preassigned company metrics, Prodoscore standardizes the examination process and bases it on the actual work that is completed by each employee.

Bhui says that the score lets you genuinely see how performances compare both across workers and time. Once your company has the data, managers can find areas where improvements can be made and give recommendations to help your team become top performers.

Where Does the Score Come From?

Prodoscore looks at your workers’ activity in three areas: G-Suite business applications (mail, calendar, docs and hangouts), your CRM and your phone system (dialer, conference calls and text messages). Once analyzed, the software integration visualizes the productivity data in a report featuring a corresponding score. Prodoscore’s algorithm includes metrics like organization, user’s role, manager and time.

While the simple-to-understand score makes it easy to quickly see where improvements need to be made, the report also provides information to help you decide what those improvements should be. Not only does this process save your managers time, it also gives your employees real, data-backed feedback that will provide common ground for how to improve performance.

How It Can Improve Your Business

Other than these employee growth benefits, the software integration opens up a lot of possibilities for managing remote workers. Remote working has become more normalized over the past few years, but there are still some concerns organizations share.

One big reason a business might be hesitant to hire remote employees is the lack of management oversight. Prodoscore integration would greatly reduce this problem. If you see that remote workers are getting lower scores than people in office, you’ll know changes need to be made to how you manage them. With Prodoscore integration, you’re creating more accountability from your remote team.

Potential Drawbacks

Prodoscore sounds great to managers and business owners, but what about your employees? Would they welcome this type of work monitoring?

That’s a tough question to answer. The best course of action is to get everyone on the same page that the score isn’t the sole factor in determining an employee’s worth. Establishing how your business will use Prodoscore with your employees before it is implemented can help you avoid a possible negative reaction.

Want to learn more about how you can integrate Prodoscore into your current communication ecosystem? Head here to get your questions answered and learn more about how we can help!


How to Maximize your Sales Team’s Output with G-Suite’s Prodoscore Integration

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